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Dan & Tyler's Adoption Fund

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A babyfund forBaby Beltran

$3,708 given of $68,230 goal

Dan & Tyler's Adoption Fund

Started by: Daniel Beltran


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We're adopting! Thank you so much for visiting our funding website, we're so thankful that you took the time to stop by and consider being apart of our adoption journey.

To provide some background, we struggled with infertility for 2 years. This was a painful season in our life where our expectations were crushed and our eyes were opened to the reality that not everyone gets pregnant as easily as society leads us to believe. After months of prayer, processing, and grieving our diagnosis of unexplained infertility, we decided we were ready to open the door to adoption in October 2021.

Months of research went into this decision and through that process we discovered that on average, domestic infant adoptions in the US cost $40,000-$60,000. A large portion of these fees go to agencies who handle mountains of paperwork, marketing, medical and living expenses for the expectant mother, travel, and legal fees. Through research, we decided to hire Christian Adoption Consultants who will prayerfully help us apply to multiple agencies in hopes of being matched with an expectant mother sooner than the 2 year average most families wait to adopt.

Although there are slightly less expensive routes to go, through prayer we decided it was best for us to hire full service professionals who know the adoption world better than we do. God has faithfully provided for us through our photography business to not have to stress about the finances of all this, but we are still seeking your help if you would like to partner with us on this journey to grow our family. Adoption will likely drain us of a lot of our savings and because we have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, we will likely need to adopt again soon after we are placed with our first child.

Partnering with us to begin our family through adoption looks like 1. Praying for us and the expectant mother we will be matched with. Pray that we would match quickly, and that the mother we do match with would receive all the support she needs to bring a healthy baby into the world. 2. Invest in one of the items on this page to help us start our family.

We will continue to add items to the wishlist as costs incur. Additional costs not yet listed include..

Agency Fees- We'll apply to 3-6 agencies which will all have different application fees ranging from $500-$5000, just to be presented to an expecting mother. This includes administration fees, reports that are required for home studies, marketing & networking costs, overhead, administration, insurance and licensing costs to run an adoption agency.

Expecting Mother Expenses- We are expected to pay for all counseling for the birth parents, living expenses, housing, transportation, maternity clothing, groceries, toiletries, utilities, as well as, prenatal care, labor and delivery, if a birth mother is not fully covered by insurance. This number can range greatly as we don't know if the mother we'll be matched with is 12 weeks or 8 months along or if she has health insurance or not.

Travel- We will likely be traveling out of state and required to stay 7-14 days in the babies birth state until state paperwork is complete. Flight, accommodations, etc.

Legal Fees- Legal expenses include hiring an attorney for us and often the birth parents to ensure the adoption is handled legally and ethically for all parties involved. It also accounts for court filing costs and representation.

Finalization, Post Placement Visits, Birth Parent Relinquishment Services, Interstate Compact Fees- $500-$10,000

To read more about adoption costs, please visit this link,


Here is our baby registry!


Plumfund is owned by Honeyfund, a common honeymoon funding site used in the wedding industry. All payments are processed using PayPal and are subject to a 2.3% fee plus 30¢. You may also support us without fees if you prefer by donating via cash/check by clicking the blue (More Options) link at checkout and printing the provided certificate.


Shorstein & Kelly match and agency fees

This is the agency we matched with, their total fees thus far are $49,525


465 left


If you would like to give to our general fund to be used as needed and not to a specific item you can do so here, thank you!


989 left

Christian Adoption Consultant $5090

Personalized support in applying to multiple agencies/attorneys including help with paperwork preparation, organization, and communication.


252 left

Home Study $2800

A home study checks to ensure we are a safe family for an adoptive child and prepared to bring a child into our home. We're using The Family Network as our provider and it costs $2800 minimum


138 left

Additional Home Study Costs

Additional costs include official copies of marriage and birth certificates, medical examinations, criminal record checks, state and federal finger printing, child abuse checks, education & more.


67 left

Profile Book Designer $1300

A Profile Book is a creative way to tell an expectant/birth family about our family and our thoughts on adoption. It introduces us to an expectant family who is choosing a family to raise their child.


64 left

A Guardian Angel Adoptions

Full-service matching agency located in Utah. We have paid the application fee of $750, if we match with them there is an additional $49,000 fee.


75 left

Building Arizona Families

Full-service matching agency located in Arizona. We have paid the application fee of $1,000, if we match with them there is an additional $44,000 fee.


100 left

Kim Gossett Adoption Attorney

An adoption attorney located in Florida. We have paid the application fee of $150, if we match with them there is an additional $30,000-$35,000 fee.


15 left

21 Supporters

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  • Sarah18 weeks ago
  • Gloria Murphy19 weeks ago
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  • Steven and Crystal DeLeo35 weeks ago
  • Hal and Donna43 weeks ago Tyler and Danour hearts are with you!!
  • Salpy Talian46 weeks ago
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Latest Update

Jul 14 2/2: Since you have all financially supported us we wanted to keep you in the loop on where your money has gone. So far you have all donated $3,550 in addition to all the registry gifts! Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts! Your willingness to invest in our well-being and this baby’s life is so gracious, we can’t thank you enough. Upon matching, we paid $10,000. Soon after we paid the remaining $39,525. In total thus far, we have spent over $61,000 on adoption expenses, not including travel and any unexpected hospital expenses that may come up. This is a hefty sum of money, but the way we look at it, it’s not our money to begin with. You all, our clients, and god’s faithfulness to provide for us have allowed us to build a nest egg for such a time as this. Besides, people drop more than this on cars every day, and what’s a baby compared to a car? Thank you all again for your support, and we will keep you updated as things progress!

Posted by Daniel

July 14 at 7:13pm

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Jul 14 1/2: Friends & family, as most of you know by now, we’ve matched with an expecting mother who has chosen us to adopt her baby girl! The expecting mother’s name is Courtni, she’s a sweet lady who believes in caring for what you create. She has chosen to put her baby girl up for adoption because she knows she can not care for this child the way she deserves. She is due Sept 11 and will be delivering in Daytona Florida. This week, we’re flying out to meet her in person for the first time. This is an exciting time for us to build trust with Courtni, learn about her, and hear the biological father’s history. As far as we can tell thus far, this will be an open adoption meaning we'll have some degree of communication with Courtni throughout this baby’s life. Psychologically, this is a really good thing. It will allow our baby to have answers to questions that are out of reach to most adoptive children and therefore will provide stability & assurance to our baby throughout her life

Posted by Daniel

July 14 at 7:11pm

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We're approved! After a little over a month of paperwork, background checks, and visits from our lovely social worker, we're officially home study approved! This means we can begin applying to adoption matching agencies who will be able to connect us with an expecting mother looking to make an adoption plan. Please continue to pray that God would give us wisdom as we decide which agencies to apply to. All of the agencies are estimating fees ranging from $20,000-$60,000. A child's life is, of course priceless, so please pray these numbers wouldn't be a hurdle to God creating our family. Thank you TREMENDOUSLY to everyone who's already given to our adoption fund (thank you notes coming soon).

Posted by Daniel

March 12 at 6:32pm

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